It is a sort of ethical code that reverberates on everything that happens in the vineyard and in the cellar.

Our winery adopts eco-sustainable methods of cultivation and maintenance for all vineyards with very low impact interventions both on the vineyard and on the fauna.

This philosophy of safeguarding our environment has been historically adopted by all the Rovellotti staff, starting from its owners and gradually by all its collaborators who have made it a natural matter of conscience, as if to repay the earth for its generosity in the give such a big grape.

Rovellotti has applied the “integrated fight” since 1985, a modern technique to counteract the diseases of the vineyard that are mainly due to the work of mushrooms (Botrytis, Peronospora and Oidium). Adopting its principles means: to exclude peremptorily the use of insecticides, except for very rare cases in which they prove vital for the survival of the grape, to limit the number of systemic treatments (through which the substances are absorbed by the plant and transported by the sap) and, from the formation of the grape, use only the Bordeaux mixture composed of sulphate of copper and sulfur.

Herbicide treatments are made mechanically and provide a localized weeding, under the row, only once a year.

Among the rows there is a natural grassing that is cut up repeatedly during the year without removing the vegetable residue which then remains on the ground.

With the idea of not weighing down the landscape through the repetitive monotony of the vineyard, some surfaces have been left to natural lawn, so as to favor, during the period of love, the wedding dances of roe deer and hares.

These seemingly trivial tricks over the years have transformed our Baraggiole into a perfect habitat where it concentrates an extraordinarily diverse biodiversity that hosts species such as frogs, toads, tree frogs, salamanders, dragonflies and different varieties of birds including the Green Woodpecker, the Poiana and the Hoopoe.