Our business started in a spontaneous way inside our grandfather’s old cellar, recognizable by its historic terracotta window decorated with a spiral vine pattern. The cellar is found inside the Ricetto castle, in Via Interno Castello n. 19.

In this location we started with traditional winemaking that soon required the purchase of new spaces.

Today the productive cycle is split between several cellars, grouped within the walls of the ancient castle Ricetto, where all the different stages of our wine production take place: pressing, vinification, bottling, packaging, storage and shipping.

As a matter of fact as our business started to develop, even though we met with some logistical complications, our priority has always been adapting to the Ricetto’s availability of space so as not to abandon it. We believe this has allowed us to represent, better and better, the winemaking tradition of Ghemme.

Consistently with our philosophy that prizes recycling, each new cellar has been renovated using raw materials, even the original salvaged ones when possible. We put every such space to use for the function for which it was most suitable in total respect of the castle and without distorting the original structure.