“I love thee, Vine, who ‘mid thy brown stones seen | Dost laugh in leafy splendour, and the cup | Prepare of wise forgetfulness of life”

Giosuè Carducci-Conversation with Trees

  • 8,40 hectares dedicated to the production of Ghemme D.O.C.G..
  • 1 hectares for the production of Colline Novaresi D.O.C. Nebbiolo..
  • 1,5 hectares for the production of Colline Novaresi D.O.C. Vespolina..
  • 4,5 hectares dedicated to the cultivation of Colline Novaresi D.O.C. Vitigno Innominabile..
  • 0,5 hectares dedicated to Colline Novaresi D.O.C. Bonarda..
  • 2,5 hectares dedicated to the production of ordinary table wine..


ROVELLOTTI Viticoltori in Ghemme

Also called the Novarese midlands, the gentle hills that separate the plains cultivated with wheat, corn and rice fields from the Alpine range take part in creating a charming landscape where man has been living for centuries. The Po Valley, guarded by Monte Rosa and slowly but tirelessly shaped by the work of countless generations of farmers, gradually gives way to morainic and volcanic formations, that in the same way proudly bear a human imprint: vineyards, row after row of plants patiently placed like crowns on wavy hair, kissed by the sun, quenched by the rain, hidden and protected by the fog.

During their wintertime slumber the plants may look melancholy, bound to their poles by the winemakers’ alacrity. However in summer and autumn, bursting with colorful and bright grapes, the plants free themselves from human dominion in an outburst of life.


The vineyards of the Rovellotti family, around Ghemme, occupy 25 hectares on the Novarese Hills: this position, exposed to the fresh Alpine winds, is particularly suitable for the cultivation of the indigenous grape varieties of Nebbiolo, Vespolina, Vitigno Innominabile and Bonarda. Here the plants can develop their unrivalled aromatic features thanks to an ideal microclimate, for instance due to the temperature difference between day and night.

The highly acidic elements of the soil make the grapes very special; indeed they provide a well defined style to the wines produced. The clayey matrix, found in the nearby rice fields of Novara as well, retains water like a sponge, benefiting the growth of the clusters. These are on average rather big and have an optimal surface-to-skin ratio.

Following precise harvesting choices, from the vineyards dedicated to the production of Ghemme, the grapes can either be destined to the vinification of Ghemme D.O.C.G. and Ghemme D.O.C.G. Riserva, or Colline Novaresi D.O.C. Nebbiolo and Colline Novaresi D.O.C. Rosso.